Take the guesswork out of planning for your child’s future athletic career.

As a parent of two youth soccer players I understand the frustration of trying to figure out “Where do I start?”. You want to know how good your athlete is compared to other players the same age and that play the same position. However, we do not want to spend a ton of money and time driving all over the area to attend college ID camps or visiting as many colleges as you can just to see if your son or daughter can play at that level. Our easy to use platform allows you to get an honest and unbiased evaluation of your player so you can get an idea what level they might be ready for. Chose to get a one-time evaluation that will be emailed to you or choose one of our great membership plans that will help you find what is best for your player, but more importantly it allows college coaches to easily find players they are looking for. Sound good?

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