You choose whether you want a one time evaluation or a membership. If you choose the membership you can get started working on your profile right away while we set up the right time for your evaluation. Games have to be regulated games for either club soccer or school soccer. This makes sure we are evaluating against fair competition. The athlete will be evaluated as if they are trying out for college soccer whether they are 11 or 19 years old. So, if they are young do not be discouraged by a low score. We are comparing the athlete to other players the same age and position. The goal is to see those evaluation continue to rise as they get older. College coaches want to see a player getting better over time to see that they are coachable. We do not recommend a lot of evaluations at a young age but rather a steady increase as they get older. Please remember that evaluations are based on 1 game so your score may go up or down based on how you played that day. Here is a brief outline of what the scores mean based on averages; And please remember that a 4 means the coach thinks you were average in that category just on that day. Your score will be on a 0-100 scale with a basic outline as follows;

Score Title Description
Less than 40 Not Ready to Play at the College Level Needs a lot of improvement.
41-55 Above Average Player Needs quite a bit of improvement in multiple categories in order to play at bigger schools or ranked small schools.
56-70 Very Good Player Does some things well but needs small improvements in multiple categories to play at bigger schools or ranked small schools.
71-84 Great Player Needs some minor adjustments to play at a top ranked school but has a lot of potential to impact a team.
85+ Elite Level Player Should be able to play at any college and possible pro.